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Stay Warm, Safe and Save All Winter Long Save money while keeping your family safe and warm this winter. Elite Heat saves money by allowing you to turn down your furnace and put heat in the rooms you actually live in. Housed in a solid oak cabinet, the Elite Heat unit remains cool and safe on the outside while providing comfortable, safe infrared heat to your home efficiently. The money you save on your heating bills can pay for the cost of the Elite Heat. Compare the Elite Heat to the competition before you buy. Click here Here's how it works
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  • Provides comfortable, even heat, floor to ceiling, in any area of your home.
  • Effectively heats up to 1000 sq ft.
  • Lowers your heating costs when used as a supplemental heater.
  • Trade costly heating fuels for less expensive, effective infrared heat.
  • You won't waste money on unused area of your home.
  • Safe for pets, kids and seniors!
  • Makes as excellent holiday gift!
  • Does not dry out the air like space heaters or stoves.
  • Filters out particles in the air with a lifetime filter that allows the heater to run for many seasons.
  • Has a fine furniture grade wood cabinet - no plastic to melt or burn.
  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to repair.
  • Limited three (3) year factory parts and labor warranty.
  • Quiet high velocity fan has a life span of 80,000 hours or over 10 heating seasons.
  • Generator friendly and does not require resetting after power outage or surge.